Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1 Solutions - News & Spoilers site with an extensive Stargate encyclopedia and links to a variety of Stargate sites.


Queer as Folk - a fanfiction archive exclusively for fiction written about the relationship between Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor from Showtime's Queer As Folk! Queer as Folk - The official showtime site for the show
What Love Means -  Features about Queer As Folk and Critiques of QAF Fan Fiction. Also has links to fanfic, fanart, screencaps and cast & character photos.  


Misc. Fandoms
The All Ezra Fanfic Archive - The name says it all. A fanfic archive for slash, het, and gen fics that feature Ezra Standish from The Magnificent Seven TV show. 852 Prospect - Archive for adult (mostly slash) Sentinel fics.
Moist & Delicious - Archive for Spike/Xander slash and friendship fics from the BtVS fandom.  


Non-fandom Links
Cat Pack Adoptions & Rescue - A non-profit cat rescue that I do volunteer work for.

Dynamic Drive DHTML code library - Visit Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which utilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology!

Color Chart by VisiBone - Chart of web safe colors & their codes.