Queer as Folk

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(All stories are B/J unless otherwise noted)

Breaking Point - Brian finally goes too far and loses Justin. Will he find a way to win Justin back? Will he even try? (R)

Finders Keepers

Trip on Love - Fate's a funny thing and Brian finds out just how funny when he rescues a blond twink with no memory of who he is. (NC-17)

Take it All Away - The course of true love never runs smoothly, not even for Brian and Justin. (NC-17)

Deliver Me From Evil - Brian's big break finally arrives in the form of a mayoral candidate. But, when a murder on Liberty Avenue has a disturbing effect on Justin, his chance of a lifetime might be put into jeopardy. (NC-17)  Coming Soon !!

Love Potion #9: Surprising Truths - A love potion is prepared and given. But was it given to the right man? And will it work as intended or reveal something unexpected?