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**The stories on this site include male/male romance and/or graphic sex.**

Escape - (J/D) Jack begins to wonder if Danielís really the right person for him. When he decides to find out he gets a welcome surprise. (PG-13)

Human Contact - (J/D) After the events in Legacy, Daniel needs some help dealing with what happened to him. (NC-17)

Merry Christmas, Jack - (J/D) It's a Christmas to remember for Jack when some secrets are revealed. (R)

Attitude Adjustment - (J/D) Jack tells the story of how and when he knew that he was in love with Daniel. (PG-13)

**Author's Notes**

Remember - (J/D) After Daniel is returned to him, Jack remembers what Daniel doesn't and wonders about second chances. (R) Fall into Evil - (J/D) A visitor from an alternate reality sets off a catastrophic chain of events that leaves SG1 changed forever. (NC-17)

Wishes & Beggars

If Wishes Were Horses... - (pre-slash ~ J/D, slight S/D) When Sam makes a split second decision, she changes everything. She finds something that she hadn't known she wanted and Jack loses something he was too afraid to reach for...or does he? (PG-13)

Beggars Will Ride - (slash ~ J/D, slight S/D) Jack takes a chance. Will he finally get what he wants? (R) **notes**


Painful Necessities - (J/D) Jack and Daniel try to deal with the consequences when Jack, once again, downloads the knowledge of the Ancients. Episode tag for The Lost City. (NC-17)

This story is available in the Make it Write zine from Yadda Press.

Coming Soon

Long Day's Journey - (J/D) What would have happened if Daniel hadn't gone on the first mission to Abydos? (NC-17)


Wickedness Rewarded - (slash ~ J/D) They say every cloud has a silver lining and one of the team learns how right they are when a severe punishment brings with it an unexpected bonus. (NC-17)

Love Potion #9: Fortunate Mistake - (slash ~ J/D) An off-world mission results in the acquisition of a mysterious liquid that may or may not make someone's fondest dreams come true. (R)